About Economy Signs

Art Requirements

General Artwork Guidelines:

  • Adobe Illustrator and like files
    are acceptable.

  • Photoshop images must be in
    version 5.0 or earlier and
    created at 300dpi.

  • For other image files, we prefer TIFF files, also at least 300dpi.

  • Combined file size must be 15mb or less on the upload form between the two attachment fields. * It is usually best to call or fax us your specifications before sending.

For signage and vehicle letter using computer-cut vinyl's:

The Economy Signs, Inc., art
department uses IBM-compatible computers and requires files in PC
format. Vinyl cutting requires files in vector format.

The program we use is Flexi Sign Pro;
we can also accept files in Adobe
Illustrator 7 or earlier.

Photoshop and other scanned files are unacceptable for cutting purposes. Applicable charges will be incurred for recreating
artwork in vector format.

Production Schedule:

Standard production times range
from 5-10 working days. Variances in
production times can occur due to
influxes in our workload or the specifications of your project.

We can usually accommodate rush orders. Temporary signage such as
banners and paper signs can often be shipped same day or next day.